Sunday, June 28, 2015

Disney's "Tomorrow Land", social media promotion

A series of illustrators were asked to take visions of the future, as envisioned by fans on the "Tomorrow Land" Facebook page and bring them to life artistically. I was privileged enough to be involved and here's the results...

 First version
Revised version

“Global defense system from rogue asteroids, cures for the common cold and other illnesses, teleportation, weather machine so the planet can be completely habitable.”

“Electric public cars, electric broadband highway with solar panels to feed the cars and the city. The road system with overpass and tunnels to be set up like a circulation system without traffic lights. Green architecture. Free health. Free education. Free services of water. Free real estate.”

"Similar to the rotating building in Dubai, buildings would rotate in order to reduce energy consumption and utilise solar power by changing direction during the day to follow the sun's transition through the sky. The rotating would be subtle and unnoticeable but it would also harness kinetic energy. They would be made out of renewable resources, insulated and temperature controlled so that it wouldn't be consuming more than its daily allowance of energy use. Encourage recycling, diets would be specially designed and no one would consume more than their daily intake. The buildings would also be uniform in appearance and able to camouflage by adapting the exterior image to blend in with nature, this would prevent aerial attacks. --- sounds like a fun world doesn't it? Utopia can only be achieved when everyone has the same lot in life and greed/selfishness
is abolished."

“I see a world full of love and peace. A world where children can grow up safe and know they are loved and they what they need. A land filled with trees and flowers, birds, wildlife and fauna living hand in hand safe and protected. A place where the simple things in life are remembered and cherished. Somewhere when you think of something new we work together to create it. Where children can grow without the pressure of competition.”

Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 Unofficial Film Festival Poster

A little something I've been putting together...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

War Cry Cover

I was commissioned by the fine team at the New Zealand division of the Salvation Army to design a cover for their "War Cry" magazine. It was a somewhat special edition as it celebrated 150 years of the Salvation Army internationally. Countless folk including myself and my extended family have been blessed by the tireless good works of this organisation, so here's to another 150 years!